Bix has self surrendered (a report from Joe)

Yesterday at 2PM Bix self reported to his old alma mater the Sea Tac
Federal detention center. The day was a perfect Northwest Fall day;
sun shining, blue skies and lots of color in the falling leaves.

He was in a very good spirit and health (as well as could be expected)
as he prepared to undergo another 3 months of prison life.

A special word of gratitude to Diane Whalen as she led our community
in blessing Bix and one more time saying goodbye to him at Jeans House
of Prayer prior to leaving for Sea Tac. I am so thankful for the
presence and open spirits of everyone who came to pray, to bless and
send Bix on his way. Your presence and your words had a profound
impact on Him. We called forth so many spirits to join us, both living
and dead, and Jeans House was packed with love and grace; especially
Jackie Hudson and all the Disarm Now Plowshares and Y-12 resisters,
along with Steve Kelly, Susan Crane, and Bonnie Urfer, Stephen
Baggarly, and Michael Walli who remain imprisoned.

How could Bix not be filled with strength as he entered the house
without windows, after the outpouring of love he experienced at Jeans
House. He was thankful John Fuchs reminded us of the meditation on the
Two Standards of St. Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises; do we stand with
Jesus or the way of the world. The choice is a personal one, and for
us all. I think we know where Bix stands.

At 1:55 he stood in the radiant sunlight and said “If I should see
that light before 3 months are up I might begin to worry”; then at
2:00 sharp he gave himself up.

No Bix, you for one have nothing to worry about. We know the Standard,
the flag you stand under.

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