Lynne Greenwald Free! Join us in celebration (of FREEDOM)!

Dear Friends

Lynne walked out of SeaTac Federal Detention center at 10 a.m. on
September 26 and (surprisingly enough) was not rearrested. In her own
words, Lynne is “free at last!” And who was walking into the federal
building as Lynne was walking out? Anne Montgomery – who was there to
have her ankle bracelet removed– free at last.

Each Wednesday, the women of Irma Gary House* cook the evening meal at
Guadalupe House. Together with the Tacoma Catholic Worker, IGH invites
you to a “reentry potluck” tomorrow evening. IGH (where Lynne is
resident manager) welcomed two new residents, Julia and Rhonda, to the
house during the last few weeks – free at last.

Please join us in celebration of Lynne, Anne, Julia, Rhonda, and
freedom in all its manifestations.

We will provide a large pot of stew as well as delectable desserts.
Everyone else is asked to bring a dish that contains either fresh
fruit or vegetables. Or just grab a cantaloupe or carrot and come on
by. Fresh fruits and vegetables are in short supply at SeaTac and this
is the food that Lynne most missed.

What: Welcome Back/Re-entry Potluck
When: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 @ 6:15
Where: Guadalupe House
           1418 S 15th Street
           Tacoma, WA 98405

More info: Theresa 253 617-1405

* Located in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood, New Connections’ Irma Gary
House provides a supportive, clean and sober home for women recently
released from correctional facilities in Washington state.

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