Bix’s Y-12 statement – choosing life over death

September 25, 2011 [from Joe Power-Drutis]

Bix recently returned to Knoxville to be sentenced along with 10 other
nuclear resisters for their part in the Y-12 civil resistance act of
prayer at Oak Ridge Tennessee on July 5, 2010.

The following reading is his statement to the court prior to being
sentenced. After making his statement he was sentenced to 3 months in
Federal Prison for this misdemeanor act. He was granted his request to
self commit but has not as yet been given a commitment date.

Bix’s statement to the court – September 12, 2011

        I wish to thank the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA) Community of Eastern Tennessee which is committed to peacemaking for their warm welcome. Especially do I wish to thank Erik and Libby Johnson for their embracing hospitality and the gracious sharing of their home; they are what peacemaking is about.

        On Sunday, September 11th, I accompanied Erik and Libby to the
service at The Church of the Savior of the United Church of Christ.
The pastor, Rev. John Gill, emphasized the power of INTENTION in our
lives – for good or for evil – for destruction of creation – for hurt
or for healing. The question for us is whether we will choose to live
with intention – with commitment – or simply float through life with
more or less good intentions.

        Since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki we know the
crucifying destruction that was unleashed on the Japanese people and
the contagious twin diseases of fear and hopelessness that were
ushered into our world by those weapons. We as a people have been
wounded by the unrepented acts of violence against the Japanese
people. We live in nuclear bondage in which violence and fear has
infected our body politic and culture.

        Will we, individually and collectively, as a people intentionally
allow the presence, maintenance, and intended use of these unrelenting
weapons of death or will we resist their very existence. We allow
these weapons when we are indifferent, unconcerned, or in the dark
about them; or when we accept judicial protection of them. Unless we
live with the intention to resist and abolish these weapons we will
continue on the walk of death we are on now.

        We can choose life or death. We can intentionally commit ourselves to
walk the path of justice, so that every human being of every race is
nourished with what is necessary for a full human life – in which the
joy and potential of our global family blooms; or we can walk the path
of self-gain and/ or “might makes right” which leads to spiritual
death and a shattered world.

        The words of Martin Luther King Jr. talk to our times: “I refuse to
accept the cynical notion that nation after nation must spiral down a
militaristic stairway into the hell of thermonuclear destruction. I
believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final
word in reality.” Martin Luther King also reminds us that: “The arc of
the universe bends toward Justice.”

       With the hope that this court and Judge bends with the arc of the
universe, I wish to recommit myself to the pursuit of Justice and to
resistance to forces of death such as nuclear weapons. For me this
means that I, intentionally, with the grace of God recommit myself to
the following of Jesus in his non-violence, forgiveness, and love. I
ask for the aid and support of Francis, Gandhi, Martin Luther King,
Oscar Romero, the four churchwomen Ita Ford, Maura Clark, Dorothy
Kazel and Jean Donovan, Dorothy Day, Jackie Hudson and also my living
compatriots that I might follow faithfully, even unto death, in the
path of Jesus. This also means, to affirm what gives life and to
resist what brings death to all people and our creation.

        I do this in conjunction with Sr. Jackie Hudson, OP who has given her
life to the pursuit of Justice. I join my resolve with Sue Albao,
faithful partner of Jackie, to continue the work of Jackie Hudson.

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