Y-12 Sentencing Summary…


After a whirlwind week (plus) of sentencings I thought it might help to see a summary (courtesy of Ralph Hutchison’s daily sentencing reports).  For more details on each Y-12 resister’s sentencing just scroll down the page.




Michael Walli, Steve Baggarly, Brad Lyttle, Mary Dennis Lentsch, Beth Rosdatter, Carol Gilbert, Jean Gump, Ardeth Platte, Jackie Hudson, Dennis Duvall, Bonnie Urfer, Bill Bichsel, David Corcoran (L to R, top to bottom)

Bill Bichsel was sentenced to three months prison time, and was allowed to self-report to the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) upon his return to Tacoma.   It will be up to BOP to determine where he will serve those three months.  There will be no fine, and no supervised release.

Judge Guyton sentenced Steve Baggerly to 8 months in federal prison—he has served four months already. The judge did not levy a fine, and declined to order probation following his release.

Dennis Duvall was remanded to the custody of the Attorney General for a period of one month. No fine was levied, and no probation.

The judge sentenced Carol Gilbert to time served; imposed no fine or probation.

Jean Gump – time served and ordered to pay a fine of $500 (along with a “special fee” of $25).

Mary Dennis Lentsch – time served, with no probation or supervised release and no fine.

Brad Lyttle – The judge declared a sentence of one year probation, the first month to be served on home confinement. Drug tests were waived.

Ardeth Platte – time served, no fine, no probation, and a $25 special fee to be paid immediately.

Beth’s Rosdatter – a sentence of one month imprisonment, no supervised release, and no fine.

Judge Guyton sentenced Bonnie Urfer to eight months, with credit for time served (4 months and 3 days), no probation, and no fine. The sentence was to serve as an adequate deterrence and a just punishment, Guyton said.

Mike Walli – The judge declared a sentence of 8 months; no supervised release, no fine, and a $25 special fee.

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