“a short note from Lynne”… Wrapping up the week

Update      September 17, 2011 [By Joe Power-Drutis]

Lynne Greenwald & Bix

We got a short note from Lynne, it did not say much; in fact by its
very absence of relevant information one might deduct the bullies at
SeaTac have demanded her silence. She now has a release date of Sept
26th, the original date set by the judge. Lynne stated upon her
release she wishes to leave the facility alone, bus to Tacoma and go
to the probation office to sign papers beginning a year of probation.
I am reminded of a conversation I had with an ACLU attorney in
Knoxville when Jackie was going through such unjust care and treatment
– “…….the inmate has so few civil rights, one could almost say they
are nonexistent – they certainly are not the same as for you and I”

Bix returned to Tacoma yesterday evening, quite tired but in very good
spirits. He felt very cared for by the wonderful hospitality his host
Erik and Libby Johnson showed him this past week; and the many other
folks at OREPA and the Riverside Community. He also spoke with great
admiration of Bonnie, Ardeth and Carol, who continued speaking truth
to power in court. Next week he goes to the probation office to
receive a date he must self commit to SeaTac prison to begin serving
his three month sentence for the Y-12 action.

Y-12 sentencing continues:

On day two, after denouncing Bonnie Urfer as a “prolific criminal,”
Magistrate Judge Bruce Guyton handed down the maximum sentence allowed
under federal sentencing guidelines—eight months in prison, allowing
that 4 of the 8 have already been served. Could the reason her
sentence is so out of line with the others be that she is the editor
of NukeWatch ?   You can access her web site at nukewatchinfo.org

On day three, the judge then sentenced Carol Gilbert to time served,
and imposed no fine or probation and Ardeth Platte to time served, no
fine, no probation, and a $25 special fee .

All three women spoke with profound wisdom and challenged the courts,
the prison system and us to seriously look at the many injustices our
court s and prisons hand out daily in a country that imprisons more
people than any other country in the world; remembering Jackie Hudson
and all that she endured at their hands.

I want to thank Ralph Hutchison of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace
Alliance for his reporting in more detail of what all three women
spoke of this week at their sentencing. His recordings can be accessed
at orepa.org

I also want to thank Leonard Eiger at Ground Zero Center for
Nonviolent Action for his ongoing recordings of these events
at disarmnowplowshares.wordpress.com

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