Carol Gilbert: Preaching and Living Peace

Dear Friends,

In her sentencing statement earlier today Carol Gilbert was clear, concise, honest and bold:

 We do not choose jail. We do choose nonviolent direct action. We do choose to try to uphold Article 6 of the United States Constitution which was not allowed in this courtroom. We do choose life over death. But we do not choose jail.

As I was searching for a photo of Carol to include with the earlier post about her sentencing I came across a poem that she wrote in 1999 during the season of Lent while doing time in the Kent County Detention Center, Chesterton, Maryland.  It speaks to the heart of what Dominicans (embodied in Carol Gilbert, Jackie Hudson and Ardeth Platte) are (and do) in the world, and I share it here.

Besides being preachers, the Dominicans are teachers.  And from my personal experience knowing Jackie Hudson, we can learn much from them about how to be agents of peace in this world.

Learning Peace,




Order of Preachers
Dominican Preachers–
Itinerants, Mendicants, Beggars.

Dominican Preachers
We preach where we stand–
War zones, inner cities, countries made poor,
refugee centers, gun shows, air shows,
stockholder meetings, military bases,
nuclear-weapons sites, executions,
courts, jails, prisons,
places of power.

Dominican Preachers
Speaking Truth
Not with words but with actions–
Vigils, demonstrations,
nonviolent civil resistance,
recycle, live simply,
plant gardens,
live in community, beat swords into plowshares.

Dominican Preachers
We contemplate. We remember.
We preach with our lives.
We create a culture of peace,
We risk all in faith.


One Response

  1. “…We risk all in faith.” This last line is so powerful, because we are all facing something that is bigger than our humanity alone can conquer.

    I envision these courageous women marching out to meet God on the battlefield for peace. Who can stand against them and win?

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