Lynne is back in SeaTac

Update      September 14, 2011

[from Joe Power-Drutis]

Lynne has been returned to SeaTac Federal Prison; this much we know
but very little else.

We do not know why she was returned, and are left to guess the mind of
a person or persons at the Bureau of Prisons who ordered her return.
We do not know who ordered her return and are told that information is
confidential. Because Lynne defended herself in court she technically
has no assigned council so they need not confer with anyone else than

Her original release date was Sept 26; therefore she was on furlough
at the time of her early release on Monday. BOP has the authority, for
whatever the reason, to change their minds and have her returned to
complete the remainder of her 2 week sentence. And of course they

I have called her counselor at SeaTac and hope for a return call and
more information.

In the meantime it takes 72 hours to get funds into her account so
that she can place calls out and access the commissary for stamps.

Lynne was joyously happy to be released from SeaTac on Monday and took
great joy in smelling the roses and being together once again with her
family and friends. After she was released, before an hour was up she
was back at the Irma Gary House ministering to other women released
from Purdy prison and undergoing their own difficult transitions.

Her release date now has returned to the original date of release,
September 26th. At that time she will be back at the Irma Gary House
and return once again to so many who love her. In the meantime she is
in need of heavy doses of our support and encouragement.

It generally takes a day, sometimes two, for a letter to get to Lynne
or Steve at SeaTac. I think at this time a few words of encouragement
to Lynne would make a very big difference in what she is facing.

Lynne Greenwald
# 40672-086
FDC SeaTac
P.O.  Box  13900
Seattle,  WA  98198

Much is left to ponder how things like this come about.

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