Tuesday – Lynne in limbo…plus Legal Terminology 101


As we await news of Lynne Greenwald’s fate at the hands of the fickle sticky-fingered srong arm of the law (and I use that term “law” loosely) I want to clarify one or two things.  In writing about Lynne’s situation I have found myself struggling to understand the legal machinations, implications, terminology and absurdity (in my mind) of the events still unfolding.

Just to clear the air – I referred to Lynne’s “release” from prison, and although in certain writings referred to the next two weeks of completing her six month sentence, I believe the term “release” is a misnomer.  Lynne has not really been “released” from her sentence until she serves (wherever that may be) the full term.  She has (as one of the Disarm Now Plowshares attorneys told me) been “transferred” from one form of incarceration to another.  The major difference is one of somewhat greater freedom, and not having to worry about getting thrown in the hole (Special Handling Unit) if you say something that rubs a guard the wrong way.  So the issue remains how they will interpret Lynne’s responsibility to go to directly or immediately to the facility that would be monitoring her the last two weeks of her sentence.

So that’s this morning’s legal lesson.  There will be a pop quiz when you least expect it, so pay attention!  And please rest easy knowing that REAL legal scholars are on the job working on Lynne’s behalf even as I write.



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