Y-12 Sentencings have begun!


It is quiet here at Jean’s House of Prayer at the Tacoma Catholic Worker where I stayed last night.  I appreciate the silence, yet it is an inappropriate silence this particular morning.  When I have stayed here other times, I would be out in the living room in the morning and Bix would walk out of his room with his wonderful smile and a morning greeting.  This morning Bix is in Knoxville awaiting his sentencing (that takes place in just over an hour).  It is wrong that he is there.  Let us all hope and pray that Judge Guyton’s conscience guides him on the path of justice.

As I checked email here this morning there was a message saying “Inmate 40672086 Greenwald, Lynne T no longer has access to the Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System…”  That is a good sign, and I suppose it means that when we show up at the SeaTac FDC in a short while Lynne really will walk out the front door.  We’ll give you a full report later today.

We’ve already received the first sentencing report from Ralph Hutchison, our ace reporter on the scene in Knoxville. You can read it below.  I’ll be checking in frequently and will post updates as fast as they come in.





this is a quick update note; a longer report will have to wait until later.

jean gump was sentenced to time served and ordered to pay a fine of $500 (along with a “special fee” of $25).

francis lloyd was masterful in refuting the sometimes ludicrous assertions of the prosecution—including that Jean should be held accountable for the actions of supporters, including stilt-walking clowns in the courtyard of the courthouse complex. at that one, even the judge rolled his eyes, saying, “i don’t recall ms. gump being disruptive during the proceedings. in fact, i don’t believe she even testified.”

so the government asked for four months in prison and a five year supervised probation tacked onto any sentence.

the judge declined to place jean on probation, noted that she had served nearly a month in jail, and gave her time served.

jean’s PSI rated her at 0-6 months; she had no points, and her last prior arrest was 1986, so she was rather uniquely situated. PSI recommendations for other defendants have varied widely, with some reporting a range of 1-7 months and others 6-12 or 2-8. there appear to be inconsistencies in applying the guidelines for tabulating the points, so we are really looking at a case-by-case situation.

bix is in good spirits and awaits sentencing this afternoon.



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