Lynne’s release and Bix’s sentencing

Whoa!  What a wild morning!!!

We were headed to the SeaTac Federal Detention Center a little before 10:00 this morning when I got a call from the videographer who is videoing for a documentary on Disarm Now Plowshares.  Lynne was already out!!!  Go figure; they never let anyone out early.  If anything, you end up waiting – sometimes well beyond the scheduled release time.

We drove up just a few minutes later and there was Lynne standing by the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street from the SeaTac FDC.  They wouldn’t even let her wait outside the facility on the prison grounds, and told her that she couldn’t cross the street and wait on the sidewalk (which is city property) next to the prison.  Sounds just a wee bit heartless and arbitrary to me; but hey, what do I know.  Methinks the Feds were trying to pre-empt our greeting party.  Veeery shneaky.

Lynne radiated her great spirit with her wonderful smile.  She was a bit pale, which one would expect when a person spends five and a half months with no access to the sunlight; even the exercise area is indoors.  She was wearing her sweats, a t-shirt and carried her belongings in a stylish BOP issue brown paper bag.  

Lynne’s stay at the Bureau of Punishment’s SeaTac Retreat Center and Health Spa (that’s what Lynne calls it) left her with many rich memories of the time spent with the other women there.  She feels that her time at SeaTac was gift in that it allowed her to put faces on the statistics that are our part of this countries massive Prison-Industrial Complex. 

After many hugs, good conversation and a rousing chorus of Down By The Riverside we got in the car for the drive down to Tacoma and Irma Gary House where Lynne’s room was waiting for her.  We got out of the car in front of Irma Gary House and Theresa Power-Drutis handed Lynne her own key to the house.  Inside Lynne checked out her room; she was so happy to be back (where she belongs).

While we were sitting around the table at the house my phone rang and it was Sue Ablao calling from Knoxville!!!  Here’s her report.

Bix was sentenced to three months prison time, and he can self-report to the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) upon his return to Tacoma.  This means he will be coming home this coming Saturday.  It will be up to BOP to determine where he will serve those three months.  Finally, the judge stated that there will be no fine, and no supervised release. 

According to Sue, “Bix did great!”  Among other things, he quoted from Martin Luther King, Jr’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

Here is Ralph Hutchison’s update that has just arrived as I write:

quick update. bix was sentenced to three months in prison (he will return to tacoma and self-report when told). no fine was assessed, and no probation. while bix had more points and recent arrests than jean gump, the prosecution asked for 4 months in prison and 5 years probation. bix’s presentencing investigation recommended a 1-7 month sentence. the court believes bix will be on supervised release from his Kitsap conviction when his prison sentence for the Y12 action is served.

mike whalen did an excellent job representing bix, and bix made a pitch perfect statement to the court which i will summarize later for everyone.

After I spoke with Sue, I handed the phone to Lynne and Bix got on – they had a good, long talk.

What a great day.  Stay tuned for more updates as the week progresses.




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  2. Alleluia! Welcome out, Lynne!
    Fran T.

  3. Hi Uncle Bill: I received your letter and have now found out the out the outcome of Y12. I am so proud of you as we all are. We will and always know that what is great is the strength that you Know as TRUTH. The goverment is made up of mostly mad people. Judgement is one if not the biggest word ever formulated. We love you and pray for all of you .Our support is unwaivered. Make sure someone shoots me a email for any thing we can be of assistance in. Peace and Love Boo and Craig.

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