Lynne Greenwald back in Federal custody!!!

Dear Disarm Now Plowshares Supporters,

I have very serious and extremely upsetting news about Lynne. Here is what Theresa Power-Drutis just sent out that explains everything we know so far:

Lynne is currently in a US Marshals’ holding cell in Tacoma awaiting
transportation this evening back to the SeaTac federal detention

Lynne was picked up on a probation violation based on the requirement
that she go “immediately” to the halfway house (Irma Gary House). A
brief videotaped interview and time spent with well-wishers who went
to the prison to meet her are the issue. Lynne did go directly from
SeaTac to Irma Gary House and then on to Progress House where she did
what was required by checking in before noon. The marshals were sent
by the Bureau of Prisons, not requested by Progress House or Irma Gary

The gentleman I spoke with at the Marshals’ office informed me that
(generally) when Marshals pick up someone for the BOP at a halfway
house, the issue is handled administratively and without a hearing.

Blake looked into Lynne’s case and discovered the details listed above
about the supposed violation. He is not sure if this will be handled
administratively or if there will be a hearing. If there is a hearing,
it will likely be held tomorrow at the federal courthouse in Tacoma.
Notice of the time and place of the hearing (or the fact that there
will be no hearing) will be sent through this newsgroup as soon as we
have confirmation.

When I think of the time and resources devoted by our federal
employees to punitive, mean-spirited actions like this one – I’m not
surprised that the national debt is such a disaster. If we were paying
the marshals and guards and case managers and office workers involved
in this travesty straight out of our pocketbooks rather than through
mandatory taxes– perhaps we would put their time to better use.
Instead of working so hard to get peace loving grandmothers off the
street – they could deal with crimes that actually have victims.

I am so angry and heartsick that I need to stop writing for now.

Nonetheless, I wish you and the marshals and all our employees at the
Bureau of Prisons, but especially Lynne … 

Peace and Good Night
Theresa Power-Drutis

Rest assured that we will NOT let this absurdly punitive action go unchallenged.  Lynne has done nothing wrong.  Lynne went directly from SeaTac to the halfway house (Irma Gary House), and arrived at the Federal Progress House (the organization that was to provide community supervision while she is under house arrest for two weeks) before the noon deadline.

I will update the Disarm Now Plowshares Blog when even the smallest news update comes my way.  We should know much more tomorrow.  Stay tuned as the story unfolds.

You can read about this morning’s gathering to greet Lynne and see a couple of photos in the previous post.  It also has an update on Bix’s sentencing.

Meanwhile, we hold Lynne in our hearts as we work to gain her freedom.




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  1. Oh, now you’re heartsick? How about when you decide to cross the blue line and I have to take time away from my family to police the situation? Now you’re angry? How about when you impede people’s ability to go to work and make a living. But wait, your morality is superior to ours and it’s ok when your actions incite anger and heartsickness. Personally I believe Lynne is a very nice person (yes we’ve met numerous times), but her choices led to her incarceration. Do the crime, do the time.

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