Still time to sign the petition for the Y-12 Resisters!


It’s crunch time for the Y-12 sentencings that begin this Monday, September 12th!!!

You still have time to sign the online petition calling for the immediate and unconditional release of the Y-12 resisters!

Anabel Dwyer will deliver this petition to the court TOMORROW!

Help us exceed our goal of 500 signatures.  Click here to read and sign the petition.

Yours in unconditional, nonviolent resistance,


P.S. – An update from Joe Power Drutis:

Bix left for Knoxville this morning and will be staying with Eric &
Libby Johnson for the next several days. Jean Gump and Bix are the
first defendants scheduled for sentencing (September 12). I’ll send an
update on the sentencing outcomes and court schedules for the
remaining Y-12 resisters soon.

Although I am not traveling with Bix to Tennessee this time, he will
give me updates by phone and I will pass these on to you as quickly as
possible. In other words ….

I’m baaaaack.


One Response

  1. let us hope they will be judged by conscience not the letter of the law

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