Lynne Greenwald to leave prison on Monday


Lynne Greenwald is scheduled to walk out of the SeaTac Federal Detention Center on Monday, September 12th around 10:00 am.  Just to clear the air, Lynne is not being “released” per se.  She will be under house arrest until September 26th when she will be fully released from Federal bondage (about time).  Here is the low down in Lynne’s own words.

There seems to be some confusion about my release. I will leave SeaTac FDC on Monday, Sept. 12 at 10 a.m. I will be on home detention (house arrest)for 2 weeks – monitored by a 1/2-way house in Tacoma, and will be released by the BOP on Mon., Sept. 26.  In other words, I will be able to enjoy fresh air, possibly sunshine, and sleep in my own bed on Monday, Sept. 12.  I would like to thank everyone for all the love and support sent this way, and have done my best to pass those good things along. The good work continues. Shalom!

Anyone who is able to greet Lynne when she walks out of SeaTac this monday is welcome to join us.  Here are the details:

The SeaTac FDC is located at 2425 SOUTH 200TH STREET, Seattle, WA, 12 miles south of Seattle and 16 miles north of Tacoma, 1 mile west of Interstate 5 (200th Street exit).  Click here for a map and directions at Mapquest.

When you arrive you can pull into the prison parking lot, find a parking space, and then take the stairs directly across from the main entrance and meet everyone at the top of the stairs on the sidewalk. We will wait there for Lynne.  Previously the BOP people told us we cannot wait on the prison property.  The sidewalk is city property so we can have our party there.

Also – BOP does not allow photography on the prison grounds.  We can take all the photos we want as long as we are on the public sidewalk.

The 10:00 am time is approximate.  I was told previously that there is no way to predict the actual time, and can sometimes be an hour or more later than scheduled.  Anne Montgomery’s release was only a little bit over as I recall.  Once Lynne comes out we can walk down to greet her before she heads down to Tacoma.

You can write lynne at:

Tacoma Catholic Worker
1417 South G St.
Tacoma, WA 98405




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