The Original Blues Brother Is On The Loose

(from Joe Power-Drutis)

At 7:15 PM, 1915 for all of you exact types (and we know who we are),
Bix walked out of the Knox County Sheriff’s Detention Facility an
almost free man.

True to form, Bix’s last day in confinement here in East Tennessee was
filled with confusion; with both the U.S. Marshall’s office and the
Bureau of Prisons not having a clue as to who was responsible for his
release. By the end of the afternoon Bix’s assigned counsel, Mike
Whalen, was successful in guiding the process and by 1800, 6PM for you
uninformed types, the release process was under way.

I’d always wanted to reenact the scene in the Blues Brothers when John
Belushi and Dan Aykroyd were there in front of the prison; I’d be
stretching it a bit to call my 1990 Toyota a blues mobile but we did
have the sun glasses!!

Knox County went to no expense in releasing Bix in the most outrageous
duds you would never expect to see him in; something between the night
shirt of an astronaut and a light weight ET suit, go figure.

My sweetie Theresa and Demetra Schwieger saw to it that Bix’s
Signature Greek Fishing Cap, Beaded Belt and cell phone arrived here
by Fed Ex before his release; so by 9:30PM, 2130 for you over the top
folks, after a whirlwind spin through an Old Navy store he came out as
dapper as ever.

Afterwards we made our way to Erik and Libby Johnsons home for a
gourmet meal Erik had slaved in the kitchen all day to create. Erik
was with Bix when they were arrested at the Trident Sub Base in
Faslane Scotland three years ago. He and I visited Bix twice a week
for the last two months. As Nurse Practitioner, Libby attended to
Bix’s immediate health care needs this night.

At day’s end Bix and I have returned to the Riverside Community House
where I have been staying with Lissa McLeod and her daughters Sara
Margaret and Emma, Jake Weistein, and Shelley Wascom.

All in all a very good day. For a short while we will remain here in
Knoxville while Bix decides the course he would like to take in
planning his road trip back home.

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