Sr. Mary Dennis is in; Bix is almost out…

Update June 22, 2011 (from Joe Power-Drutis)

I just returned from a very memorable drive to Ocilla Georgia with 74
year old Sr. Mary Dennis Lentsch, of the Sisters of the Presentation.
This is the name she chose when she entered the convent in honor of
her brother who had drowned. Her court records list her birth name,
Elizabeth Ann; therefore for the sake of correctness while she is
locked up, letters to her should be addressed to:

Elizabeth Ann Lentsch
ID 9305
Irwin County Detention Facility
132 Cotton Drive
Ocilla, GA 31774

Mary Dennis and I spent a very relaxed day together as we made our way
from Knoxville to Ocilla. She grew up poor and on a farm and has
always preferred to live rurally. Though an educator for most of her
adult life she spent 18 months working with the poor and homeless in
New Orleans before returning to her home here in Eastern Tennessee at
the Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Center, and preparing for her part in
the Y-12 Civil Resistance act of July 5, 2010.

I couldn’t help but pick up on the similar spirit Mary Dennis had to
my beloved mother-in-law Mary Powers. As Mary Dennis would share
stories of her life and of her dreams I couldn’t help recalling
memories of Mary Powers in her yurt at the Dominican Mother House
outside Tacoma; and, as Mary Dennis showed me hers and others homes,
off the grid and completely self sufficient, I knew Mary Powers would
have gotten a kick out of all that was there.

But at 4 PM on June 21st Mary Dennis forfeited all that she loved and
all of her freedoms as she self surrendered at the Irwin County
Detention Center. I believe there is a bit of a silver lining to this
dark cloud though. Within a short time after leaving me I’m pretty
certain there was a joyous celebration as she was reunited with Carol
Gilbert, Ardeth Platte and Bonnie Urfer. They had been anxiously
waiting for Mary Dennis to come in; now, her infectious laughter would
belong to them and all the women trapped in structures erected for
farm animals.


Meanwhile back here in Knoxville Town, the Rev. William Jerome has but
another 48 hours to go before he will be released from the Knox County
Sheriff’s Detention Facility.

I received word from Bix’s attorney in Tacoma that he can be released
in Knoxville, make his way back to Tacoma under his own steam and that
the details of the Electronic Home Monitoring can be worked out when
he arrives in Tacoma. This is very good news. His attorney has already
talked with Bix about this and now he is free to begin planning his
journey home.

This evening will be our last visit at the Knox detention facility;
though I know other places lay in the future I am none too sad not to
be returning there.

I will of course put out the good word as Bix decides what shape the
next few weeks will take.

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