Updates on Jackie & Bix

Joe Power-Drutis Update, June 14, 2011

Jackie Hudson 

Jackie is out of the hospital but the healing process continues. Sue Ablao has been at her bedside day and night since noon time on Friday June 10th. Yesterday, June 13th her doctor at the University of Tennessee Medical Center cleared Jackie to leave the hospital and return to the Northwest and continue medical treatment in Seattle. Jackie and Sue are currently staying in the same support community of lovely people I have been living with since I arrived here in early May. When Jackie feels strong enough to travel, she and Sue will leave for Seattle.

As of Monday evening, June 13, Sue reports on Jackie’s condition and progress.

Yet another beautiful day! Jackie is doing really well. Three days of
real medical care is working. Her labs come back improved each day.
Yesterday she was able sit up in a chair, took a shower, and had a bit
of an appetite back. She is still very weak but is getting that smile
and her sense of humor back. The staff is helpful and professional.

Jackie underwent two tests today to make sure she does not need
additional emergent care for the upper chest pain that continues. When
we get back to the Northwest, she will see her surgeon at the
University of Washington right away.  Jackie needs to regain some
strength before we make the 9 hour flight from Knoxville to home; at
this moment we are thinking it will probably be closer to the weekend
before she is able to travel.

We thank everyone for your continuing thoughts and prayers; and, as
Jackie says – Always remember the millions of other folks who populate
our jails and prisons and have little or no support in that
dehumanizing and often corrupt system.

We are truly thankful for all the love and support you have given the
Disarm Now Plowshares and Y-12 Resisters that are and will be serving
time for resisting the evil that is nuclear weapons.


About a week ago Bix was moved once again within the same facility he has been in since arriving in Knoxville. No reason was provided himwhen he was told to move; only this relocation looks to more likesolitary, even though it is coined ‘Medical’. (Where have we heard this before?)

What is most difficult about his current situation is that he is locked into a fairly small room, with very little human contact for 22½ hours a day; he is released for one hour in the morning and 30
minutes in the afternoon. Books are relatively few and uninteresting. The move caused him confusion surrounding his schedule and he missed his commissary day resulting in him not being able to buy stamps. With the limited time out of his room and the demands placed on the phones, it is now very difficult for him to connect with us out here.

Thankfully he has only 10 more days left to go on his Tacoma sentence. Bix is scheduled to be released on June 24th and after clearing the legal hoops down here, is hopeful that he will be released for a few months to return to Tacoma before he faces another sentencing, date still unknown, for the Y-12 trespass charge.

There is in general a 3 to 4 day lag period from the time his mail enters the jail until the time he receives it, the same is true when he sends mail out. With this delay coupled with mailing time I would suggest you send any future mail to him at my address:

Bill Bichsel –  c/o Joe Power-Drutis  –  524  Hialeah Drive  – Knoxville,  TN  37920


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