Urgent Medical Update on Jackie Hudson

Editor’s Update; Thursday, 8:30PM (PDT): There are a number of different emails going around about Jackie’s current situation.  Please know that many people are currently working on Jackie’s behalf, and that all are working carefully to ensure that she gets proper medical care, and that tomorrow’s court proceedings go smoothly for her.  I can say with certainty that Jackie is currently receiving medical care in a Knoxville hospital, and that whether or not Jackie is able to appear in court tomorrow morning, her attorney will be there to represent her.  We expect that the Judge will rule that Jackie be released pending sentencing so that she may receive proper medical care.  I will be monitoring tomorrow morning’s activities and will provide updates as any news comes in from Knoxville. 


by Joe Power-Drutis, June 9, 2011

Jean Gump soon to return home

Sitting with Jackie, in Tacoma on April 30, she spoke of feeling very
well; that she hadn’t felt as good in years. Jackie spoke of the
miracle of a surgery that healed a medical problem that had troubled
her for years. She siad she was prepared to go to prison for her
prayerful resistance action of July 5, 2010 at the Department of
Energy Y-12 complex. This facility refurbishes old thermonuclear
weapons making them even bigger and more deadly than before. She
couldn’t know she may well have to pay for this misdemeanor trespass
with her life.

A week ago many of you from around the country responded to a warden
and jail system at the Irwin County Jail in Ocilla with a very clear
and definite message; Jackie needed to be taken to the nearest
hospital immediately and be seen for her symptoms that suggested she
had endured a heart attack. They waited an interminable 48 hours to
respond but under pressure by us, respond they did.

In the many calls and faxes that were sent, not one was responded to
with any resemblance of truth. Jackie was always “doing just fine”.
Calls coming out to us by other inmates spoke differently.

Last Tuesday in a conversation with her attorney, Brad Henry, while
Jackie was in Warden Barbara Walrath’s office, Jackie had the
opportunity to request that Brad file a motion to have her released
for medical reasons. Jack said she wanted to wait a while longer, that
she would be seeing the jail doctor, Howard McMahan, M.D., the next

The next day came and went as did Thursday and Friday. Last Friday I
was visiting our friends at the Irwin jail and was scheduled to see
Jackie, she never arrived. When I asked to go inside and visit her I
was told that would not be possible. Finally, when I inquired as to
her health I as told, “Miss Jackie is doing just fine”. Are such lies
intentional? Or are they born out of a fear of truth. Truth is a
freeing experience; but I suggest in the case of the officials at
Irwin County, it is something to be feared. They have kept Jackie in
isolation from day one and the jail’s Dr. McMahan was forbidden, by
the local U.S. Marshall, to speak with Jackie’s Primary Care

This morning a group of us arrived at the Knoxville Courthouse to bid
farewell to another dear friend, Jean Gump; Jean was released from
Irwin County Detention because of family hardship. The little time we
had together Jean strongly wanted to alert us to the debilitated
condition Jackie was currently in.

Jean came up the Knox County Detention Center (same one Bix is in)
earlier this week in preparation for release. Jackie showed up at the
same place a day ago. Jean went on to explain she had never seen
Jackie look so bad. Her energy was so depleted she could hardly lift
her head. She was so weak it was necessary for Jean to feed her and it
took her a long time to chew small amounts of food. Jean reports that
sometime during the night Jackie fell out of bed; it is not known if
she sustained injuries.

At this time we who love Jackie wait for more information. Her
Attorney, Brad Henry, is working to get more complete information. Her
primary care physician is in conference with the Physicians Assistant
at Knox County Detention and a determination is pending whether
hospitalization is imminent for Jackie. Jackie remains for now in
medical at the Knox County Sheriff’s Detention Facility.

Tomorrow morning at 9 AM Jackie has an appointment to be in front of
H. Bruce Guyton, U.S. Magistrate Judge in order to be released for
medical reasons. Sue Ablao arrived in Knoxville Tuesday evening and is
awaiting for all these things to play out; Sue will return to the
Northwest with Jackie in order for her to receive further appropriate
medical care.


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