Jackie is receiving care

Update on Jackie May 31, 2011 (by Joe Power-Drutis)

I have been in awe by the incredible outpouring of love and concern for Jackie in this terrible time. The fact that this community of spirit mobilized as quickly and powerfully as it did made all the difference.

Due to your efforts Jackie was taken to the Emergency Room early this morning. During her stay at the Irwin County Hospital, even though her symptoms suggested heart failure this serious condition was ruled out; therefore she can sleep tonight knowing that her heart is not the problem.

Jackie continues to experience pain across the upper part of her chest. For this reason her Primary Care Doctor and surgeon will continue to encourage and pursue further diagnostic procedures in order to diagnose the underlying cause of the pain.

Tomorrow Jackie will be seen by the doctor at the jail. During that consultation it will be decided whether or not she can leave the medical room (just another name for isolation) and return to her cell and reunite with Carol, Ardeth, Bonnie and Jean.

For the time being Jackie has decided to stay the course and pursue further treatment where she is at. Her desire to remain with her sisters and to continue supporting each other is very understandable and it is important to honor her wishes.

The real victory in the work of the last few days is something that most of us take for granted. A 76 year old woman with severe chest pain was able to receive basic emergency room care that any of us would have wanted and we will all sleep much better tonight.

We have all been blessed by every hand that wrote, every voice that called, every heart that was thrown into helping our dear friend. We did well. We’re covered.

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