Will Bix be moved???

Update on Bix (from Joe Power-Drutis)                                          

May 27, 2011

Since March 28th ‘change’ is the word that best describes Bix’s present
journey. First there was the SeaTac Federal Detention Center, then
after only a few weeks, without notice, he was picked up and off to a
near fatal 2 week joy ride with the Bureau of Prisons transport
service. First a flight to Las Vegas, then a bus to Pahrump Nevada;
then another flight to Oklahoma City for a few days. Then off again to
the infamous Atlanta Federal Penitentiary for more than a week and
where neglect and other abuses are a way of life. Next stop the
Knoxville County Jail for a night; then finally to the Knox County
Sheriffs detention Facility where he has remained since May 5th. Bix
now writes “In this changing world I’ve been changed again – only this
time it is within this same jail. I have been moved from a 2 man cell
in Unit 2B to a single cell in Unit 2A. This cell gives me more room
to move around; however, I’m not sure how long I’ll be here. The moves
are sudden and then it’s a couple of hours of hurry up and wait.”

What Bix is talking about is that on his Birthday, May 26th, he took
part in the first step of what is called his pre-sentencing
investigation report (PSI).  On that day he met with a  probation
officer and his attorney Mike Whalen. Once that first step is
completed the US Marshal service can elect to leave him where he is or
send him to the Irwin County Detention Center in Ocilla Georgia to
await his sentencing, the date to be announced. During this in between
time the probation officer sends the finished PSI to the court with a
recommendation for sentencing.

At the end of the Y-12 trial, Mike convinced the court that it was in
both Bix’s and the courts interest to keep him here in Knoxville,
bypassing the back and forth trips by federal transport since his
release date from the Plowshares action was June 24th. So, the court
set a June 27th date for Bix to return to court but it is unclear at
this time if that date will be a sentencing date for his Y-12
conviction or simply a time the court will ask him if he will agree to
accept the terms of his parole while awaiting a sentencing date to be

Just for a point of reference, most of the folks that are now in
Irwin, following the Y-12 conviction, have been given sentencing dates
way out in September and October.

Now to complicate the matter just a little bit more – when he was
sentenced to 3 months in prison on March 28th, he was also sentenced
to 6 months of house arrest following that 3 month period. Who even
knows how that will figure into all of this? There really is no way of
telling until he once again appears in court for sentencing.

Finally the probation office will make its recommendation for
sentencing to the court, and Mike representing Bix will try to work
out the best deal he can get for him. In the end the judge will do
whatever he sees fit.

When writing to Bix, change the unit designation from 2B  to  2A – His
address will read:

William Bichsel
IDN  1155703
Unit 2A
Knox County Sheriff’s Detention Facility
5001 Maloneyville  Rd
Knoxville,  TN   37918

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