Late Night Update: Bix and Susan

Here is one last brief update for today from Joe Power-Drutis (this guy must never sleep!!!).  It’s part of a longer update on the Y-12 prisoners of conscience, which you can read by clicking here (May 26th Update #2).

Visiting with Bix on his Birthday:

It never happened! Erik and I did show up this evening but found out there wasn’t any visitations on Thursday evening. Bummer! But he did call me this morning – yes I finally got my line set up, it only took me two weeks!  I did wish him a happy birthday from all of us – wonder if the jail gives you a 24 hour pass so you can go out and party on your birthday – probably not. Erik and I are retuning tomorrow morning – it will be close but belated.

Susan called this evening:

Susan continues to bask in the California sun – how awful. She states she is doing very well especially as compared to the grief all of the
Y-12 resisters are going through. Susan is learning to play a couple of musical instruments and said that she is learning the “Star Spangled Banner” – now that’s going to take some thinking! Way to go Susan.  She also has a job teach English as a second language to other inmate – now that is very cool.

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