A Day of Two Joys!!!

Today is a day to give thanks!

Sr. Anne Montgomery walked out of the SeaTac Federal Detention Center a little after 10:00 am.  A group of friends was waiting up on the “public” sidewalk overlooking the prison (lots of rules once you step onto the Federal property), and as Anne walked out the front door everyone swooped down the steps to welcome her back to the outside. 

This was Anne’s first taste of sunshine (it poked through the clouds briefly) as the SeaTac prison has no outside recreation area (if it has one at all).  We also noticed that all the cell windows were recently made opaque.  Now the prisoners still get some light, but no view of the outside world from their cells through the slit-like windows.

Anne’s face certainly shone brightly as she received the gifts of rhododendrons from Irma Gary House and a blue fleece jacket with welcoming messages sent by friends and supporters pinned inside.

We kept the welcome brief out of respect for Anne, and after a quick wave toward those she was leaving behind she headed off for some well-deserved rest.

Today is also the day we celebrate Fr. Bix Bichsel’s Birthday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIX!!!!!!!  Here is a brief update from Tennessee (from Joe Power-Drutis) with a tale of two birthdays:

Yes our daring felons Jean and Bix moved one more year into the
octogenarian decade this week. On Tuesday, Jeans 84th Birthday, while
Erik, Ralph and I were visiting Ardeth, Jean came walking through the
visitors room on her way to her presentencing interview with the
probation officer and her attorney. We wanted to once again sing her
one more healthy round of ‘happy birthday’, but I think she preferred
we save our voices for Bix. So very considerate of her, well that’s
just the type of woman Jean is.

Erik and I are ready for tonight. With our voices rested and ready to
go we will see Bix this evening and will treat him accordingly. He has
been bothered by fluid in his ears since coming to Knoxville, could be
this will provide him the only significant buffer from Erik’s and my
gift. Please know we will be taking with us all of you who love and
care for him on this his 83rd birthday.

As I write a Tennessee downpour with lightning and thunder is putting
on a show. How I wish Bix could be here, he would really love the
power, sound, smell and feel of natures gift; each rain drop is huge,
reminds me of tears, the valley of tears. We cry nor just for him and
Jean,Carol, Ardeth, Jackie, Bonnie, Michael, Steve Baggarly and Steve
Kelly, Susan Crane, Lynne Greenwald, Anne Montgomery and all the
peacemakers in our world who suffer prison and hardship in order to do
their part to prevent nuclear devastation; but especially for those
who war and plan for war. Heavenly tears flow for those of us refusing
to see with our eyes and hear with our ears and apply the brakes to
the runaway train we are all riding.

Read Joe’s complete May 26th update at the Nuclear Abolitionist Y-12 Witness page.

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