Miles to go… Update on Bix

Plowshares Update May 14, 2011 (from Joe Power-Druits)

Editor’s Note: Joe is staying in Knoxville to keep watch over Bix.


While the Y-12 trial was occurring this week another very important
sub plot was being undertaken that had a primary impact on Bix.

Following the criminal way he was treated as he was moved from pillar
to post from Seattle to Knoxville it became clear he must not return
to SeaTac in a similar manner at the conclusion of the Y-12 trial.
Several avenues were being explored both here and in Tacoma to ensure
the transfer would not occur.

In the final moments of the Y-12 trial, Bix’s attorney, Mike Whalen,
at a pivotal moment, approached the bench and convinced the court it
would be in everyone’s interest to place a ‘hold’ on Bix, down here,
so that he would remain here until sentencing. The judge then asked
when he would want the sentencing date placed and he told him
basically right after the 3 month sentence he was currently doing for
the Plowshares action was complete, and that would be June 24th.

Bix and Anne Montgomery, August 2010

Subsequently, all was approved and he was placed on a court hold. So
far as we know he is to remain at the same facility he is currently
in. He should be released from Tacoma while he is here in Knoxville,
then go to his sentencing on June 27th. At that time Mike will
request, if there is any further time Bix must do, that Bix be able to
self report to the chosen Federal facility in a months time after

Can you hear the sigh of relief!! Thank you Michael. You may or not
know it in the here and now, but you have just bought yourself a whole
cart full of good Karma – go and spend it in high fashion. You are a
good man.

Bix’s mailing address remains as:

William Bichsel
IDN 1155703
Unit 2B
Knox County Sheriff’s Detention Facility
5001 Maloneyville Rd
Knoxville, TN 37918

I have visited with Bix 3 times since arriving here in Knoxville.
Interestingly enough I know less of the details of the facility he is
staying in. Actually this does not surprise me – most of the
communication Kathy Boylan and I had with him had to do with the here
and now. I have spent much time trying to get his phone system up and
running; and yet I am without success.

I believe now that we can relax, knowing he isn’t going anywhere soon,
we can attend to those details. I will be seeing him again Sunday
evening and I will start to explore the details of his life.

The complex Bix is in, by outward appearances, is much more appealing.
As I noted in another draft, you get some exercise walking to where he
is in order to visit him but the all around layout is just better. I
don’t believe he gets to see outside his building either. Having 2 –
30min visitations a week is much better than one hour.

Miles to Go


3 Responses

  1. Dear Joe: I am an attorney friend of Bix. I was thinking of traveling to Knoxville if I could be of assistance. Since I am an attorney I could/should be able to see him. I will attempt to contact his attorney Mike Whalen and let him know of my thoughts. Thank you for all of your reports on Bix and for staying there for Bix. All is so appreciated and please give Bix my best.
    Debra Hannula

  2. I sent a litter to Bix using the address posted (copied and pasted) and the letter returned:
    Refused Return to Sender 2B

    Any suggestions?

  3. Thank you for your great updates on the Plowshares and for helping Bix.

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