Susan is in Dublin (not Ireland!!!)

UPDATE from Leonard: Sunday, MAY 8th– Susan called Friday evening, and is settling in at Dublin.  Aside from some of the routine things we needed to discuss, she made a point of telling me how excited she is to finally be able to buy a full sized toothbrush and dental floss.  She couldn’t get dental floss at SeaTac, and she had a dinky toothbrush; sounds like cruel and unusual dental hygiene punishment to me.  Go figure.  You can write to her at Dublin, and we’ve updated the Contact page with her new address.  Remember – Our friends are starved for “real” news from the outside.  When you write, consider printing/copying a favorite article from Common Dreams or other progressive Website or print publication and including it with your letter.  Don’t staple pages as the guards might frown on that; heaven knows what kind of weapon one might make out of them.  Here’s her new address:  

Susan Crane, 87783-011 
DUBLIN, CA 94568


The FCI Dublin is a low security prison facility located approximately 30 miles east of Oakland, California.

Also – Bix showed up in court on May 5th in Knoxville for a pre-trial hearing. The Y-12 trial begins on Monday, May 9th. I will post updates on the Y-12 Court page at the Nuclear Abolitionist Blog.


3 Responses

  1. glad to know Susan is at Dublin and close to us in Berkeley. we are waiting to hear more/from her. when we saw her in march, we didn’t talk specifically about support for this time, but we are available to help in any way including housing for out-of-town visitors.
    the circle is wide. for peace, Marti and Margo

  2. Thanks for the update on Susan. Do you have an address. I want to write her ASAP and also get on her visitor’s list. Love,

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