Bix is in Knoxville!

Update on Bix [from Joe Power-Drutis]     May 3, 2011

Steve Kelly wrote recently, “I hope he doesn’t go through Atlanta USP,
that’s a bad place”. You may recall Kathy Boyland saying a few days
back, “I knew it was food, I just couldn’t recognize it as such”.

Bix called at 10 PM (1 AM in Knoxville), his voice was barely
recognizable.  He had to identify himself, as an automated
computerized recording spoke in circles, explaining he would only get
this one call, he was not permitted to call collect, I cannot call
him, then the machine asked him to identify himself a second time , I
was to push #3 to accept, then we would only have one

I have known William Jerome Bichsel all of my adult life, and some
before that; never before had I heard his voice so very small,
squeaky, raspy, afraid!  I asked him to speak, I will listen.

“I’m in Knox County Jail, I was in Atlanta for a week, did you know
that”? “That place is a hell hole. I was locked down the whole time,
except for two days. I was so cold, my hands and feet, so painful, so
cold – it was awful.”

That is what I remember. There were lapses in his voice and 60 seconds
goes so very fast. I began to tell him I was coming, then we were cut

                                       The World’s Hatred       John16 : 18-20

I am leaving in a few hours. Under the circumstances I hope to arrive
in Knoxville sooner than expected.

In the meantime know Bix is not without friends; is he never without
friends.  I will be in touch with them to see what support they can
provide him immediately. County Jails are not Federal prisons; there
he can be visited without many bureaucratic hoops to jump through. I
don’t really know much about Knox County Jail, what I do learn I will
share it with you.

He already has an address, but I have to nail down his unit # and pod
assignment – after that I will send out his complete mailing address
and I encourage you to write.

Funds will be in his account very soon; as soon as he is permitted, he
will be able to call out.

He knows he has your prayers, and they are a source of deep strength
to him. He may get knocked down, and made to endure pain and
suffering, but he will get back up; he always does, he is a man of
incredible endurance, even at 83 and in such frail health. So long as
there is a breath of life within him he will bounce back; just ask
Dutch Schultz!!!!!

One last thing: In my update yesterday I wrote the trial begins on
June 9th, that’s not right, it is May 9th.


After sending out the first [preceding] message today regarding Bix’s residence
and condition, I received a call from Ralph Hutchinson in Knoxville.
Ralph along with another minister, Erik, had been awaiting for
information on Bix’s arrival and were prepared to find him and
establish any and all support they can provide him. These two men are
also in close contact with Bix’s court appointed attorney. Ralph
reports Bix’s attorney is highly supportive of both Nuclear Resistors
and the actions they do. As I write, help is on the way!! Hang in there


One Response

  1. BIX,
    You are in our heart and prayer in Guatemala. As Ricardo, SJ said you cannot cage BIX! He is as free as a bird. Take care of YOU! love sheila

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