Angels in Knoxville, watching over Bix

Update Mar 3rd 10Pm (by Joe Power-Drutis)

Bix has had one long day. In the last 24 hours he has traveled over
many roads; but, thank God his last road took him far and away from
Atlanta UPC. Angels no doubt came to care for him today in Knoxville,
and as I write now I rest assured his overall condition and frame
of mind is much improved.

Ralph Hutchison and his good friend Erik took to the hunt and were on
top of things after first hearing Bix had arrived. They called the
jails until he was found and immediately were in touch with Bix’s
attorney,Mike Whalen, who as soon as he was out of court himself,
immediately went to see Bix.

Somewhere in the mix it was determined that Bix should not have been
sent to Knox County Jail and he was transferred out and into the Knox
County Sheriff’s Detention Facility. This facility is a far cry from
what Bix experienced in Atlanta. The visiting hours here are much more
accessible, and the overall milieu more relaxed. Within a short period
Mike reported Bix was much improved. Mike fronted Bix the funds he
needed to purchase warmer clothing and other accessories. Mike
assisted Bix in setting up a phone and visitors list so that as his
friends arrive in Knoxville they can visit him.

Ralph stated he and Erik will be visiting Bix tomorrow and ensuring he
receives whatever care they can provide.

So! This is good. One hella a lot better than where we were 24
hours ago. Ralph received this new address for Bix. I believe Bix will
be at this address at least for a couple of weeks; therefore, now is
the time to send the letters we have been holding onto. Be patient
with responses though. His energy has been spent. It’s time to give him


William Bichsel, IDN 1155703
Unit 2B
Knox County Sheriff’s Detention Facility
5001 Maloneyville Rd
Knoxville, TN 37918


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