More on the Department of Punishment: The Atlanta Penitentiary is a Hole!

April 29, 2011 (from Joe Power-Drutis)

Unfortunately Bix remains in Atlanta

Kathy Boylan, Catholic Worker at Dorothy Day CW in DC, doting
grandmother, self avowed sleuth and coincidentally, dangerous sister
felon, knows something about the these federal hotels Bix has been
visiting. By the way when I say dangerous, she is so only to those who
abuse their positions of power and prestige; for more than once this
mild mannered woman has boldly exposed them for who and what they

Kathy states “the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma city, built
recently, is not so bad. The environment is a little more relaxed; at
least there you can recognize the food that is served you. The Atlanta
Federal Penitentiary is a hole, the food served you there is

I googled this USP and was reminded once again of the Cuban riots of
1987. It has history!!

Anne Montgomary

Anne and Susan remain together at SeaTac. Her first of a two month
sentence complete, she does not believe her address will be changed
and she will finish out her time there. Several times she sent short
letters for me to pass onto others. She did this because the stamps
allotted to them are restricted, for no good or otherwise reason; just
because the Department of Punishment can. Anyway, recently she was
told she cannot forward mail through a third party anymore. You know
Anne is quite a dangerous person. I guess if I were in the Fed’s
shoes, I would want to limit access to her too.

Steve Kelly

Amazingly so, a man who could write a book on noncooperation, remains
at SeaTac, Unit FA-4, in the general population and not in solitary
where he has normally spent so much time in so many prisons along the
way. Steve speaks very little about himself or his experiences but
does come back to Bix: “Bix humanized the environment…Yes, I’m glad to
have accompanied him, very consoled. He took care of me by our focus,
and we met good people, guards & priz-nerz along the way”.

Tacoma News story about Irma Gary House, talks of Bix and Lynne
Greenwald – Like namesake, Tacoma’s Irma Gary House stays the course  – The News Tribune April 27, 2011 – CW house struggles to continue work as volunteer director Lynne Greenwald – Disarm Now Plowshares activist sent to jail

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