Musings on Dental Floss… and More

April 27, 2011
From Joe (Power-Drutis)


As of now Bix remains at the Atlanta UPC, no word from him yet since
he arrived there. In a letter dated April 21, he talked about his stay
in Pahrump Nevada. There he lived in a large dormitory area, no cells.
It is a facility much like SeaTac – but there is an outdoor recreation
area and windows at the end of the dormitory. Each unit holds about 96
men. “most of the fellow inmates are Hispanic and are especially
solicitous of me because of my age – they bring me things they think I
need and help in so many ways….” “I feel ok – weak & dizzy at times;
but that’s par for the course”. “I’m where I ought to be – at peace
and at ease. The energy to write or do much except some turns around
the common area has been very low. Not from lowness of Spirit – just
lack of energy to do much then stay on the bunk.” “Send my love and
greetings to one and all” “We’ll see what happens”


Susan was told yesterday to begin organizing her belongings and that
she can expect to be transferred to another facility in the next few
days. As is prison custom, no other information was afforded her. I
know her hope is that she will be sent to a Federal facility outside
of San Francisco; there she will be closer to her 2 sons.

In the last few days books were beginning to arrive, this they were
very thankful for. A very nice person from Olympia sent her a number
of CD’s through a book store; however, these and so many other things
are not permitted. The CD’s were returned to Orca Books.. Like books,
the prisoner has no way of knowing who sent what unless the sender
sends a separate letter saying what they are mailing. In general I
would suggest you first write and discuss what you want to send.
Federal prisons are very restrictive. Most books and magazines will
get through.

“If I ‘talk over’ you on the phone, it’s just a reminder that phone
calls are hard and there are so many things that cannot be spoken

For some unstated reason, dental floss is not permitted – picks yes,
floss no – go figure. Anyway this is causing Susan some discomfort as,
like most of us, only floss will remove food particles deep down
between the teeth. I thought this interesting. Each time I go to the
dentist, I am reminded repeatedly to floss each time after eating – I
wonder what prison dental personnel say to the inmates “Pick

In general I feel Susan sounds and is doing as well as can be
expected. Susan has spoken so often of being forever thankful for all
the support she and Anne Montgomery, her cell mate, have received
since they arrived at SeaTac.

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