Easter message from Bix: “Please give my love to everyone.”

A message from Joe Power-Drutis

Easter Sunday April 24, 2011: 11:15 AM

Bix just called. He is at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center.
He thinks he will be there for a few days but has no idea exactly how

The clarity of this call was much better than the one he made from
Nevada; also, we were able to talk for several minutes.

Bix sounded well! His voice was clear and I did not pick up any
stress. He stated, “I feel OK – Please give my love to everyone.”

He also said, “In my cell there is a man by the name of Peter; he is
an LPN, like you, and he is taking such very good care of me. I am
receiving all of my eye drops, I was able to carry all of my
medications with me from SeaTac and once I arrived here I received
another full complement of meds.”

On this Resurrection Day blessings abound. Many of us have been
preoccupied with thoughts of Bix’s well being, especially on this long
road to another trial. Yet, looking back, as he entered the doors of
SeaTac we were also concerned that he might suffer from lack of care.
Instead, the master care giver himself, our brother Steve Kelly, has
been able to help Bix from the beginning. Bix has also spoken of
others who have shown him kindness along the way. Bix’s spirit seems
to attract many. And now, in Oklahoma there is a man named Peter; may
he be blessed abundantly for being such a caring person. Mark – in
4:24 – sums it up, “In the measure you give you shall receive”.

Although Bix does not know how long he will be in Oklahoma, you may
want to write him. So, here is his current address:

Fr. Bill Bichsel
# 86275-020
P.O. BOX 898801

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  1. I just sent Phyllis Bennis’s article on Bin Laden (from Common ground) to Anne.

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