Bix is in Oklahoma; Lynne is in a new unit.

Dear Friends,

Lynne Greenwald has finally been settled into what will be her permanent digs for the next 5 months.  She has been “designated” to SeaTac (meaning that’s where she will serve out her sentence there), and was moved from the unit where she was near Anne and Susan to a new unit (“Unit DA”; that’s Delta Alpha in prison guard speak). 

Lynne had her first visit with family members yesterday, and expects to get a job soon and also be able to have visitors beyond immediate family.  Please remember that we can’t just go and visit any of our friends once they have visiting privileges.  There is a very specific process whereby each prisoner designates potential visitors, sends a form to be filled and submitted for approval, etc. 

As for Bix, he’s been on the move again – from Nevada to Oklahoma!  Joe Power-Drutis’ update is below, and contains some words from Steve Kelly.  Check it out and stay informed.

Easter Peace and Blessings,



April 23, 2011 (from Joe Power-Drutis)

As of today, Bix is at the Oklahoma City FTC. This link will take you to the federal prisoner locator site: Just type in Bix’s register number 86275-020 and his information will appear. It’s not a lot but at least it tells you where he is.

So the milk run journey continues. We know where he has been, where he is to end up; but we still don’t know where his journey is taking him; we know his court appointed attorney is in Knoxville Tennessee.

I received a couple of letters from Steve in the last few days and want to share some of them with you.

“Bix was taken today. My emotions are like an aquarium – I hold the image of him: chin-up, bag of medications, newly purchased sweat shirt, that all of the guys here say he will lose.”

(then in another letter)

“I’m feeling so many things. I have to be kindred spirits with you. You too care for our octogenarian……
such a mensch! 3 weeks – a privilege. Of course I made his bed whenever I could. His making the bed was the equivalent of me sprinting around St. Leo’s and your house —-but the company, sublime.”

Steve is trying to organize Bix’s writings and addresses (a massive undertaking, as Bix is a prolific writer). He will then send these to me for safekeeping until Bix returns.

Obviously missing Bix, still Steve maintains his dry wit. I sense he will stay in the general population for now as he completes these jobs for Bix and decides what his next move will be.

In this Holy Week, I am also sending out an excerpt from a Lenten meditation written by Susan Crane and a couple of invitations to join Plowshare supporters in Tacoma. (Editor’s note:  Just click on the links to see the items Joe refers to.)

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