Bix is on his way to Tennessee: A letter from Joe

April 19, 2011

When morning came, all the chief priests and the elders of the people met in council to bring about the death of Jesus. They had him bound, and led him away to hand him over to Pilate.  Matthew  27:1-2

I was nearly asleep after a very long day when the phone rang; the thought was there, let it go to my message box. But I did pick up and once again found the familiar word on my screen, “Unknown”. Seems like a funny word to use when calling, for each of us are certainly a “known”. These days “Unknown” always means a call from prison.

The caller was Bix. He asked me to “listen, I only have a few seconds to talk”. They have come for me; they are taking me to Tennessee, now! They had to leave me for a minute and I got to this phone. “There was no notice, they just arrived and said, ‘You’re going.’ Here they are returning; I have to go.” We then had only another second or two to exchange words of love and the phone went dead. It was just that fast.

But it was not without warning. We all knew of the court date set for May 9th in Tennessee for the Y-12 civil resistance action on July 5, 2010; however, hopes were that this court date might be postponed.
Over a week ago his attorney in Tennessee alerted us that Bix could be removed from the SeaTac Federal Correction Facility at any time.

Hopes were also up that perhaps the Judge in Tennessee might drop Bix’s charges after learning of his failing health. Bix’s Cardiologist sent a message attesting that he was not strong enough for the journey, especially as it usually occurs over a prolonged period of time and requires many adjustments to time and place. The final concern is that his medications may not follow him as other people have come forward testifying that they were told medications would follow and they never did. This often left them vulnerable and in discomfort or pain.

We hoped for the unlikely to occur: that Bix would remain. But Bix very much wanted to go. The court room is the second stage of the action and he wanted to be in Tennessee. I believe he wanted, once again, a chance to see and speak to the friends he was arrested with, whom he much admires and misses.

Bix’s Jesus is not cautious, and neither does he want to be, especially in this last period of his life.

I will let Bix speak to you of the condition of his body, mind, heart, and soul in his own words. I would ask you not to read any further if  you are in a hurry, or need to be somewhere. For as long as it takes, hold onto it, keep it close by, and when the time is right and you are at rest, open, and share in his incredible spiritual journey.

Editor’s Note:  I’ve posted Bix’s reflection separately.  Click here to read it


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