Bix is in Good Health(and so is everyone else)!!!

(Note:  This post has been updated as I received new information this Tuesday morning, April 5)


We are monitoring our dear friends on the inside.  Among other things we check everyone’s status daily on the Bureau of Prisons Locator to see if they have begun the process of transporting anyone to other digs.  So far so good – Everyone’s still at Sea Tac.

Susan had heard that Bix might be having “health issues”.  Attorney Blake Kremer also heard this, and immediately went to Sea Tac to check on him (on Monday).  It was good news!!!   While there he met with Steve, Bix and Anne.  I will let Blake tell it in his own words:

Steve was absolutely clear: Bix is doing extremely well. Everyone in the cell block thinks that he is great, and he is socializing well and is feeling well and doing well. He had a cold when he arrived, but is getting past that.

Bix confirmed that he is feeling well and doing well. He asked me to convey that he is grateful for the action that he participated in, and he is most grateful for all the support that he and the others have received.

At the detention center, all the guards and prisoners are aware of why he and the others are imprisoned, and the Plowshares have all been treated extremely well by everyone.

Anne conveyed similar sentiments – she felt encouraged by the festival at St. Leo’s that preceded the sentencing, and the feeling of support continues to warm her even now. Every Plowshare defendant has greeted me with a huge smile at every visit I have shared with them in the FDC; they are all doing well and are quick to credit the support that they have received.

I know that we are all grateful for the support that the legal team has provided throughout the Disarm Now Plowshares legal struggle, and particularly now for the support of people like Blake when outside access to our friends is so limited.

Many of you have asked about how to support our friends on the inside.  Well, here’s a new request.  Susan said that there “is a big news hole” on the inside, and they would love to have people pick items from Common Dreams, print them out and send them.  When you click on an article on Common Dreams, be sure to click the print icon at the top of the page, which will create a page that prints better (and with fewer pages).   

Crossword puzzles are also on the list.  You can search for Printable Crossword Puzzles on the Web. 

Pick any or all of our Disarm Now Plowshares comrades to send all the progressive news that’s fit to print.  All the mailing information you need is on the Contact page

And don’t forget to support nuclear resisters at the April 6th arraignment for the six resisters who crossed the Blue Line at Bangor last January.  There will be an 8:00 am vigil outside the Tacoma Union Station Courthouse before the arraignment. 



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