Vigil Photos – USNB Bangor Main Gate

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Imprisonment, Confinement, Supervised Release, Restitution


The cat’s outa the bag (as the saying goes)!  A couple of bloggers out there posted the government’s recommendations for sentencing of each of the Disarm Now Plowshares.  Bill Quigley, Legal Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights and one of the Disarm Now Plowshares legal support team, supplied the information:

Steve Kelly – 3 years in prison, plus 3 years supervised release – restitution of $7405*;

Susan Crane – 30 months imprisonment, plus 3 years supervised release – restitution of $7405*;

Anne Montgomery – 6 months imprisonment, plus 6 months home confinement as part of 3 years supervised release – restitution of $7405*;

Lynne Greenwald – 7 months imprisonment, plus 7 months home confinement as part of 3 years supervised release – restitution of $7405*;

Bill Bichsel – 6 months imprisonment, plus 6 months home confinement as part of 3 years supervised release – restitution of $7405*.

*since reduced to $5300

So now you know!  The government is seeking to punish people who attempted to stop our own government from continuing to commit crimes.  “Imprisonment”… “Confinement”…  “Supervise Release”…  “Restitution”…  Such words are meaningless in this context.  Who will provide restitution to the millions or perhaps billions of people who would be affected by nuclear war.

It would seem that we need to imprison, confine or supervise those who prepare for the use of weapons that can be called omnicidal.  Let us hope and pray that Judge Settle will not send the wrong people to jail.  Let us hope and pray for justice.



Justice, responsibility, and a spirit of hope

Two days before sentencing, Susan and Bix sit down to talk to Mike McCormick of Mind over Matters, KEXP 90.3 Seattle.  Above is a video of the 30-minute interview, and below is a written excerpt in which Bix and Susan discuss the justice system, the importance of conscience, and how they view the consequences. Continue reading

Faith and Disarmament

On June 12, 1981, Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen gave a prophetic speech to the Pacific Northwest Synod of the Lutheran Church of America.  Taking up our cross with Christ in the nuclear age, he proclaimed, means unilateral disarmament. Furthermore, he suggested that “our paralyzed political process” needs a catalyst and that catalyst is tax resistance.
Hunthausen’s statement was received enthusiastically by religious leaders and followers of nonviolence across the country.  His words remain urgent and relevant to us today, as we continue to struggle with the question of how to build peace in this nuclear empire.

Faith and Disarmament

I am grateful for having been invited to speak to you on disarmament because it forces me to a kind of personal  disarmament. This is a subject I have thought about and prayed over for many years. I can recall vividly hearing the news of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. I was deeply shocked. I could not then put into words the shock I felt from the news that a city of hundreds of thousands of people had been devastated by a single bomb. Hiroshima challenged my faith as a Christian in a way I am only now beginning to understand. That awful event and its successor at Nagasaki sank into my soul, as they have in fact sunk into the souls of all of us, whether we recognize it or not. Continue reading

Still Unrepentant After All These Years


Bix sat down with “The News Chick” – that’s what they call KIRO Radio’s Linda Thomas – for an interview the other day.  As usual Bix spoke truth, and she allowed him to pour it out.  At the end of the interview Linda asked Bix if he had any regrets or remorse for what he did (at Bangor), and whether he would do it again.  Bix replied, “You might say I’m unrepentant.”  Yes, one might say that about Bix!!!

Perhaps those who truly need to repent are the ones dutifully dismantling and re-assembling the W-76 nuclear warheads that, after being refurbished, will be returned to the Bangor base where they will be attached to their missiles and deployed on the Trident submarines.  Perhaps those who cruise silently beneath the sea, prepared to dutifully “press the buttons that will initiate the great festival of destruction…” (to quote Thomas Merton) need repentance.  And perhaps it is those who dutifully work in laboratories further developing and refining the technologies that prepare for the end of the world in dire need of repentance. Continue reading

We Choose Life!!!

Dear Friends,

Over the weekend of March 4th the Pacific Life Community (PLC) held its annual retreat in Menlo Park, California. Frida Berrigan delivered the keynote address. In the spirit of resistance the PLC Community held a vigil and nonviolent action at the Lockheed Martin plant in Sunnyvale. Among those arrested for trespassing were Disarm Now Plowshares members Susan Crane and Steve Kelly.  Lynne Greenwald and Anne Montgomery were there vigiling and witnessing to the action.

Larry Purcell of the PLC wrote an opinion piece that he submitted to the San Jose Mercury News.  It’s an indictment of Lockheed-Martin, builder of the Trident D-5 missile, and really poses a deeper underlying question: “Where is our treasure?”.  The newspaper declined to print the piece; told Larry that it was “too much anti Lockheed rather than anti nuke and it would entail a lot of fact checking and demand a response piece from Lockheed.”  Fact checking???  Here’s a fact that is irrefutable.  If we ever start launching those Lockheed-built D-5 missiles bristling with nuclear warheads the radiation concerns currently on people’s minds – and which are serious – as a result of the nuclear reactor crisis in Japan will pale in comparison. Continue reading

Walking the Road to Conversion

Reflection by Susan Crane

As the sentencing date approaches, I’m thinking about our walk onto the US Naval Base Bangor, and thinking about the nuclear weapons  at the Strategic Weapons Facility, Pacific.  Where do these warheads and missiles come from? Where are they made?

We know that the secondaries for the nuclear warheads are made at the Y-12 plant in Tennessee, and locally, both Bix and Jackie Hudson are both awaiting trial for walking onto the Y-12 property.

We know, from the discovery papers that the government gave us before the trial, that Lockheed Martin maintains the Reentry Bodies that carry the warheads from the D-5 missile to their target.  The day we walked into SWFPAC, Lockheed Martin said that they couldn’t work on the re-entry bodies  (RB lockheed martin)  and the cost impact was $40,000 dollars that day. Continue reading

Have You Been To Jail For Justice?

Have You Been To Jail For Justice Anne Feeney wrote and sings this song…. Continue reading

Mary Kelly – Ploughshares Conviction Overturned!


As we await the day of sentencing for the Disarm Now Plowshares it is good for us to remember that the Disarm Now Plowshares 5 stand in good company within a larger, global plowshares community.

On a damp, cold night in January 2003 Mary Kelly, a nurse and mother of 4 children, entered Shannon Airport in County Clare on the west coast of Ireland and disabled a U.S. Navy war plane that had stopped for refueling while bringing armaments to Iraq for the illegal U.S. war there. Mary, with full knowledge of the consequences, took an axe to the nose cone and fuel lines. Continue reading

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