We have news from Bix and Lynne and Susan!

Bix and Steve are in the same cell.  Bix is in very good spirits, and has access to his most critical medications.   There are a few medications he needs that are not as critical that he has not gotten yet.  They are so expensive that even most pharmacies on the outside do not keep them in stock.  Joe Power-Drutis is working through the public defender’s office to coordinate with the jail’s clinic, to see if they will allow Joe to bring Bix those medications.  Bix will be okay for a few days if it takes that long.

Anne and Susan are also roommates.  Lynne is pleased to have been placed on a quiet floor where she is near Anne and Susan.  They have plenty of access to each other.  Lynne reports that the group received a friendly welcome at the FDC when somebody placed a “No Nukes” sign below the American flag.

As far as contact goes.

People at SeaTac are only allowed very limited phone calls; for example, Bix’s phone call this morning only lasted 8-9 minutes.  Mail is also pretty restricted.  Anything other than plain old letters (for example, magazines, books, any sort of packages, musical greeting cards, nude photos… haha… seriously though) are limited in number if they are allowed at all.  Please check with the person you’re sending to before you send anything other than letters.  Money should be directed through the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action — see the Support page.
Click here for a pdf of SeaTac’s handbook detailing these things.


P.O. BOX 13900
SEATTLE, WA  98198

Register Numbers:

Fr. Bill Bichsel 86275-020
Susan Crane
Lynne Greenwald
Fr. Stephen Kelly
Sr. Anne Montgomery

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