Letters to the Jailbirds


Many people have been asking about how and where to send letters to our dear friends now that they are beginning their journey through our nation’s glorious Criminal Justice System (think Rube Goldberg).  It’s going to be a while before they are settled.

They are currently (temporarily) residing at the luxurious Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Sea Tac in Seattle.  Click here to see a photo of this lovely five star property.  It’s hard to estimate just when they will be moved to the prisons where they will stay for the duration of their sentences.

We are monitoring each person’s status, and will update either the Contact or Support page with their addresses and any other pertinent information on a regular basis.  I know many of your are anxious to write them (I know I am); we will be getting you more information shortly.

We will also be working to help get messages out to the world from the Disarm Now Plowshares prisoners of conscience, and will post their messages on the Blog as we hear from them. Rest assured that we will keep this Website and Blog going and it will continue to be the voice of the Disarm Now Plowshares five.

In Peace and Solidarity,

Chrissy and Leonard

One Response

  1. Dear Leonard,
    Thanks for your updates. Can you find out what unit our friends are in? I have learned that you need the unit number for the mail to get through!

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