Time to Push Back against Trident Replacement


It’s time to write letters to the editor in response to the U.S. Navy’s plan to build a new generation of ballistic missile submarines!

The Kitsap Sun published an article yesterday about the Navy’s work on a replacement for the current fleet of OHIO class submarines. The Seattle Times picked right up on it and published it essentially verbatim.

A new ballistic missile submarine program (even with fewer missile tubes) will continue to foster our nation’s reliance on the false security inherent in the concept of nuclear “deterrence”, and will likely destabilize efforts at disarmament and nonproliferation. Now is the time to make use of the newspapers’ coverage by writing letters to the editors of your local paper, whether you live near the Bangor Base, South Sound, Seattle, or even New York City.

This is not only a local issue, but one that is national and even international! Trident is the most devastating weapons system in the world, and the U.S. plans to continue holding the world hostage under the threat of its silent, stealthy fleet of ballistic missile submarines towards the year 3000!

If enough people write letters, one or more might get published. Even if none are published, newspapers flooded with letters will at least take notice and just might begin paying more attention to the issue(s).

This is about wasting our human and financial capital, while simultaneously preparing for omnicide – this is simply shear madness!!!

Here is a sample letter just written by Tom Shea that you can use as an example from which to convey your own thoughts and ideas. Remember – Keep it short (be sure to find out your newspapers word limit) and to the point. Find the email address to send your letter by going to your local paper’s Opinion/Editorial page.

Sample Letter to Editor

In our current climate of deficit reduction mania, we read of another $80 billion dollar budget buster: “Navy preparing to replace aging trident submarine, Times, 1/28/11, B 9. ).  New nuclear subs go for 6 to 7 billion dollars a pop, not including maintenance and usual DOD overruns.  Imagine what those dollars could do for our nation’s potholes, school children, and health care.  Interested citizens with 5 minutes to spare can watch “The Myth of Nuclear Deterrence,” at http://www.wagingpeace.org/dvd.htm.

If you do write a letter, please share it with me.  I would love to know what people are writing and to what newspapers.  Send a copy to subversivepeacemaking@gmail.com.

Hillary Clinton, in her July 13, 2010 remarks to members of the U.S. Delegation to the New START Negotiations and Nuclear Posture Review Department staff, thanked them for everything they had done:

to move us toward our goal of a world someday, in some century, free of nuclear weapons, but along the way, making that world safer and safer and safer for our children and grandchildren.

In just what century does the esteemed Secretary of State think we might create a world free of nuclear weapons???  Such open ended statements do nothing to move us toward that goal, but everything to allow us to follow the same old policies and practices that reduce the probability that there will ever be a world “for our children and grandchildren.”

How many more generations of ballistic missile submarines will we need until we are “free of nuclear weapons,” and just how will they make us safer and move us toward that goal???

Together we can bring this crazy idea into the public dialogue, and this is just the beginning.


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