War is not healthy for children and other living things…

Our dear Fr. Bix brought people together on December 28th, the Feast of the Holy Innocents, to remember not only the innocent children murdered long ago by Herod, but also the innocent children murdered today in war. People gathered together, vigiled and sang in front of the Tacoma Federal Courthouse, which is representative of our government that bears responsibility for the senseless slaughter of innocents and of the desecration of the very land intended to sustain life. The prophetic message that follows is from the leaflet handed out to those who gathered on the 28th:

Major threats to children and the next seven generations:

1. Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
2. Perpetual and unending war driven by an imperial claim to control Mother Earth’s resources.
3. Dehumanizing poverty, a consequence of a greed-driven global economy that is collapsing and causing untold suffering and death
4. Global climate crisis and ecological destruction: consequence of our addiction to consumer life-styles.

The Creator made us responsible for this earth and the next seven generations. The Trident death machines contaminate our waters. Our own fish, our own wildlife, our own natural resources are not being taken care of and are being decimated. We have to break the silence about the nuclear warheads and the warmaking that is prepared and planned in the northwest. We don’t know how many of our children have been lost because of this culture of corporate warmaking.

War is grinding up our children. This coming year the US will spend over 13,980 billion dollars on warmaking. Our country has 5 percent of the world’s population but accounts for more than 40% of the military spending for the whole world. This is money and resources that could be used for schools, medical care and infrastructure that would help children in this country.

Further, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost over 5000 US lives and tens of thousands more lives of people in those countries. Over 20% of those in our military who served in these two wars, 320,000 people, have war-related traumatic brain injuries. Suicide rates are up by 25 percent among 18 to 19 year old male veterans in the latest Veterans Administration study, mental health hospitalizations are now the leading cause of hospital admissions for the military, higher than injuries. On any given night, over 100,000 veterans are homeless and living on our nation’s streets.

Despite the heartbreaking realities of our war-torn world, we walk in hope, knowing that nonviolent resistance to imperial death-dealing can be transformative, and that, when serious people come together on behalf of life, good things happen.

Every child is precious, our children, our grandchildren,
and the children and grandchildren of mothers and fathers in
Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine or Pakistan

We in the US have no right to kill children anywhere in the world.
Their blood is on our hands.
We do have a right and a responsibility to break the silence
and act nonviolently for an end to all warmaking.

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  1. […] 0800067 – High-Altitude Nuclear Weapon Effects Part Two – Systems Interference – 1963 – 16:29 – Color – Through past nuclear testing, the Department of Defense and the Atomic Energy Commission determined that a nuclear weapon exploded at high altitude with a sufficient yield would cause adverse effects on communication and radar devices. This technically oriented video, which uses many animated audio-visual aids to explain scientific points of interest and explores the weapons’ effects on military systems. The first portion deals with a hypothetical reentry vehicle armed with a nuclear warhead. The video explains how three different nuclear detonations might be required to track and destroy the incoming vehicle. The next portion explains how a nuclear explosion would more adversely affect the low-power downlink of radio transmissions to aircraft or satellites than the more powerful uplink. Other atmospheric chemistry and infrared systems problems are discussed in the video. -From DOE NNSA/NSO Historical Test Films http://www.nv.doe.gov Video Rating: 3 / 5 For more on this topic you can read: http://sofhamizrach.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/exodus-as-consumerism/ On the same subject: https://disarmnowplowshares.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/war-is-not-healthy-for-children-and-other-living… […]

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