An Invitation From Lynne

Dear Friends,

Last week was amazing and inspiring, leaving me humble in the face of a growing community. During our Disarm Now Plowshares trial, many participated in a variety of way – being in the courtroom, writing letters, preparing food, organizing vigils and programs, donations, hospitality and transportation, covering jobs leaving us free for court, prayers and good thoughts…. Now more than ever I am convinced that this is the community I want to remain a part of, and with whom to continue working towards the creation of a world without violence. This community embodies the world we previously dreamt and have had glimpses. Best of all, are the words from those who have already “stepped out of their comfort zone” to speak and to act for the end of nuclear weapons, and to continue connecting this work with any acts to address a variety of violence and injustices.

Inspired by Sr. Anne Montgomery’s closing statement, these are my closing words in court, and the end of our presentation Friday, December 10: ‎”I would like to believe that – if I had lived in that time and place – I would have had the courage to do the same thing to expose the reality of what was behind the fences of Auschwitz and other camps, where many were murdered, including my children’s relatives.”

And now – the challenge is to keep the momentum moving forward. I’m including some articles and summaries of last week. Please continue to check our blog for updates, reflections and how to support this trial and work. Regardless of the outcome, and the inability to speak truth in a courtroom, we have succeeded in planting seeds, of making Trident visible. Nonviolence is the pathway to this change, and we join the many people already acting in a variety of ways to stop nuclear madness. This is how social change happens.


Lynne Greenwald
Disarm Now Plowshares

3 Responses

  1. Lynne I have been thinking about you and the others very much today and yesterday… had the opportunity to share your witness with some of my work-mates today. Sending you love and support.


  2. […] exclaimed: “Death shall have no dominion!” Or, currently, as Lynne Greenwald wrote in a recent Disarm Now blog entry: “Now more than ever I am convinced that this [Plowshares] is the community I want to remain a […]

  3. I work for myself Little Models 🙂

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