On Community… and Conspiracy


Wow!!!  What a week! 

I could stop there; those few words pretty well summarize the past four days. Thanks to an obsessive Media Team the blog posts of the past week should tell a story.  As significant as the story of this trial, of Plowshares, of nuclear weapons and of peacemaking (and more), for me this story is also one of community.

Since November 2, 2009 a community has encircled the Disarm Now Plowshares 5 with its compassionate care and nurturing.  It was so evident over the past week as people came from all over the country and the world to be here in support and solidarity.  In a very organic fashion people moved into support roles in a minimally choreographed dance, which is so representative of this movement of dedicated peacemakers.  People did what they could do, and often more, to make everything happen.

Everyone’s role has been (and continues to be) important, from those who stayed behind each day at Jean’s House of Prayer to answer the phones to those on the other side of the Atlantic who vigiled in solidarity with Disarm Now Plowshares.  We are so extraordinarily THANKFUL to each and every one of you!

The Disarm Now Plowshares defendants chose to defend themselves, and have relied on many legal experts to stand with them and advise them at each step of the trial.  The legal team included court-appointed stand by counsels and an additional counsel, Blake Kremer, who is working on this pro bono. 

Anabel Dwyer, international law expert and Board Member of The Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP), the US branch of the International Association of Lawyers’ Against Nuclear Weapons (IALANA), and Bill Quigley, Legal Director for the Center for Constitutional Rights; Professor, Loyola New Orleans, came from afar and gave of their time and talents. 

 It is extraordinarily difficult to bring the Disarm Now Plowshares 5 together for a group photo (even when they are together, which is often these days), but we did it, and we were able to include the legal team (sadly, without Anabel Dwyer and Paula Crane who had to leave early).  Here they are, captured for posterity as they left the courthouse on Friday.


They will all be back in the courtroom on Monday morning, surrounded by a global community of co-conspirators, all conspiring for PEACE!


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