What has changed for you this week?

At tonight’s potluck gathering, Laura had us all share something that changed for us this week.  Here’s a sampling of the replies:

I’ve been wanting nuclear weapons to be something to talk about at the grocery store.  I’ve done that twice this week!
I was inspired when Steven Leeper talked, and the defendants talked, and we all talked together.
Dan Berrigan’s message to peace activists: persevere.
I felt heartbroken [in the courtroom] after years of putting my hand over my heart and pledging allegiance to my country, seeing justice being curtailed for the people.  It was my understanding that Article Six enshrined international law into US law.

Community is something that is one of the many strengths in this trial.  It’s evident because everyone has come together, every morning come out, singing, praying, and it’s really just amazing.  The fact that five individuals could come together selflessly and with courage and strength and passion – it’s really powerful, and it says a lot about community.  I want to thank you for reminding me of that and to keep doing it.
Yeah I got way out of my comfort zone this week. Then these fine non-lawyers managed to interrogate me and get me to say all this stuff, and I got off the witness stand and thought, “That wasn’t very good.”  Then the next day hearing what I said I thought, “I said that?!”  That’s the power of these Plowshares people to bring what was inside me into the courtroom – and I didn’t do it, my mouth just went like that and it all got out.
I’m both amazed and thankful that it all got out.
The message is that you can all do more than you’re doing.  It’s a matter of taking that next step and maybe bringing some other people along – spread the word because it’s all about critical mass.
stuck in a vase / deep mountain magnolia / blossoms open – Mizuhara Shuoshi, translated from the Japanese by William J. Higginson
During this week I’ve experienced so much blossoming, from folks getting up on the stand, to defendants asking questions while feeling crowded.  And yet the truth has come out in a beautiful way.
And the same thing with setting up hospitality in a space you’re not used to; bringing food in to the defendants.

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