Anne’s Closing: An Invitation

The Disarm Now Plowshares News Team (our motto: “We Never Sleep!”) is sitting in the café looking across the street at the Union Station Courthouse.

Anne Montgomery just completed her closing argument before the court.  Just as the prosecutor went through the indictment charge by charge, Anne also was very thorough in her closing.

For each charge, Anne provided the jury with a rationale to acquit the Disarm Now Plowshares defendants.

In considering the “injuring so called property” Anne said that they did not want to be detected so they could reach the bunkers, and the fence was in the way.  “We did cut the fence and we take responsibility. Our purpose was to open that area to inspection by citizens.”  She stated that the fences are nothing compared to the submarines and the weapons they are designed to launch.  They did not intend to commit a crime.

“You may feel that by being on [Naval Base] Kitsap, cutting a hole in the fence and walking through, we are guilty of a crime.  However, the government must prove intent.  Our intent was to keep the law, to protect our lives as human beings and the lives of others.”

Anne told the jury members that they will not be alone in the jury room.  They will take with them words, evidence, jury instructions, and above all they will take their common sense… “common sense of humanity,”  whatever we feel precious as human beings.

Anne finished her closing argument by invoking Ezekial and Isaiah.  “First we disarm our own hearts, and we tried to do that … then we turn to the community and say, ‘Please.  Come join us.’ “


Chrissy and Leonard (for Disarm Now Plowshares)


3 Responses

  1. I came home to Victoria on Thursday of the trial, to take care of my friend Sue. I am aware how wonderful it is to have ordinary moments after being so moved by the witness of these 5 people. Meeting all the supporters and seeing old friends has deepened my appreciation of life itself. I await the news, thank you so much for this faithful writing you both do.

    laura Johnston

  2. I have learned that it is indeed possible, as well as supremely necessary, that each of us can become active defendants, each having a part in the defense of all of creation – that it is not only possible, but, of course, necessary – to end the silence around nuclear incineration…. And also, the necessity of being supported by loving and serving communities, of which I can always be a part. The stand-by lawyers and local Peace communities do witness to this most vitally here in Tacoma.

  3. The Disarm Now Plowshares action, the trial and surrounding gathering is having a large impact on Tacoma. Thank you to all the people who traveled to be here from so many places. You brought home the importance and the possibility of disarming to this community. I can’t wait to go to Ground Zero for MLK Day. I hope we can make the strongest statement possible on January 15.

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