And the jury is sitting there saying, “What is going on?”: a summary of Day 2 by Anabel Dwyer

When the prosecution puts on a case, in a case like this, they just don’t know what it’s about.  So they get these kids who are being pushed into being war criminals to sit up on the stand and talk about how the heroes and heroines cut the fences of The Place Which We Don’t Know What It Does.  In fact, we can neither confirm nor deny that there are nuclear weapons on this base, which of course we know are there.

Anyway, we did get the judge to give us a little bit by saying there are such things as nuclear weapons.  That there is a base, Bangor.  That it does have Tridents, and that the Tridents do… I think you can say that they do have missiles on them.  But we couldn’t say that they were there.

So now the problem is, why did these people go on the base?  And the jury is sitting there saying, “What is going on?”  So we were mostly struggling over whether to call this Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific, or SWFPAC, or… what do they call it, the new name? The main who? The Main Prohibited Area?  You know, they crossed out the name that talked about strategic weapons so that they no longer have to talk about the fact that there are strategic weapons.

So tomorrow is the end of the prosecution case and the beginning of the defense case I assume. … So there’s some obvious work to be done over the next couple of days.  These guys are holding up really well.  I don’t know what to say more except that Steve almost got to the point today at the very end.  There was a guy, a witness, who was the head of the criminal investigations of the base.  He was in charge of all violations of state, federal, and military law.  Well, it turns out that if you say on your banner “Trident: Illegal Immoral” that you think it’s illegal. So the question is, why is it illegal or why is it immoral?  And these guys are hoping to get that out tomorrow.  Because if they don’t they’re cooked.

Thank you!

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  1. The following letter sent to Seattle Times, 12/9/

    (WikiLeaks dispute, Dec. 9) continues to be page-two media. ‘WikiMania ‘ spotlights some uncomfortable truths. It puts at risk some of the people named. Less publicized are the uncomfortable truths and risks in contention right now in U.S. District Court in Tacoma.
    Five people are on trial for entering the Kitsap-Bangor trident submarine and nuclear missile Naval Base, 11/2/09. Called the “Disarm Now Plowshares,” these totally nonviolent activists risk jail time in order to alert our region and our world that 24% of U.S. nuclear weapons sit right in our backyard.
    Darylene and Tom Shea

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