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Hi, Everybody!

Me and the whole family have been thinking about you non-stop. We really hope that you can make it through trial and send all of our well wishes.


Thomas and family

P.S. We hope you will not have to resort to the actions on the front cover if you go to prison.

Dear Steave, Lyn, Bix, Susan, and Ann, 

How are you? Back in California we are constently thinking about you and you guys are always in our prayers. May God be with you during your trial.


The Guadlupe Catholic Worker


7 Responses

  1. Dudes,

    I just stumbled across this blog thanxbetogooglealerts!!!!

    Actually google alerts can swing both ways…I’m getting cyber stalked by every spook & burnt out resentful sold out ctivist I’ve met over the last 30+ years. I figured out that all these randoms have me on google alert! Anyways I digress (not uncommon in our family!)

    ……..a bunch of us London/Oxford plowshares vets are heading donw to the U.S. Embassy tomorrow on ya first day of trial! Doing a solidarity vigil for ya!

    On Saturday we had a beautiful time at Giuseppe Conlon CW House with Gerry Conlon (son of Giuseppe…Gerry did 16 years after being framed and tortured for Gilford) and Gareth Peirce the wonderful lawyer who was key in freeing the similarly framed Guilford 4, Brimingham 6 and Maguire 7.

    After hearing Gerry speak I felt a lot less worried aboout doing 16 years…
    Seeing Bill B and Anne M in action and facing trial…. I feel a lot less worried about selling out as I get older! (….I’d sell out now, but no one’s buying!…just kidding!)

    Y’all prepare the way of the Lord with this action (it was 20 years ago this past weekend that the ANZUS Plowshares broke into Griffiss Air Force base and had to break back out again – couldn’t find a B52,,,pretty embarrassing their pretty big, usually ya can’t miss ’em…we got it right on New Years Day ’91 tho!)

    Well with this wikileaks thang (the cables from the U.S. embassy in Dublin refering to the Pitstop Plougshares/Shannon 5) doesn’t look like I’ll be allowed back in the U.S. any time soon. I know, I know ……”North America’s loss, Europe’s gain!!!”….buut it would be great to be there with you at trial.

    Anyways if I don’t catch ya transiting thru London, I’ll se ya at that great open bar in heaven!

    Keep the faith
    Stay staunch
    Ciaron O’Reilly
    Giuseppe Conlon House
    London, England

  2. Dear Ann and all…sorry I have been remiss in writing but you are daily in my thoughts and prayers and probably every minute during the trial…i have told many of your witness and you have more and more support…I read your blog daily…Love, Liz P

  3. Blessings especially to Anne Montgomery.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days.
    Peace and love –
    John Lynes (who was with you in Hebron and Suliemaniya)

  4. The sacrifice demonstrates the passionate belief, honestly held and is witness to the will of God. No, not you guys, the suicide bomber. Yep he’s obviously wrong but HE BELIEVES his sacrifice is in the name of righteousness. This leaves his conscience clear and results in similarly misguided individuals following his lead and praising his efforts in the name of God. I believe your ’sacrifice’ is for a different ’cause’ but similarly motivated and excused. The parallels seem very obvious. You see the point is it doesn’t matter how much any individual believes other people are wrong they do not have the right to break their laws (or kill them) to make their point. This country has heard your pacifist arguments and we disagree. We just do. Sorry. Ever wondered why, with such an obviously ‘good cause’, there are so few of you? Why dont the rest of us get it? Well maybe we have just arrived at different conclusions based on the same evidence, similar soul searching and rigorous analysis of the issues. If you escape jail and I hope you do, if for no other reason than to prevent your martyrdom (your followers have practically beatified you already!) have the humility to move on. Otherwise what right do you have to chastise anyone else who breaks the law because they REALLY believe they hold the moral high ground? Remember, it wouldnt matter what we think because THEY ‘believed’. Come on, do the Math. What sort of country would we live in if your rationale pervaded? And no, before you mention it, this has no parallels with slavery etc. This democracy has given you an equal platform over a long period of time. You could stand for election if you so wished. Of course you don’t because you know what the outcome would be. So you choose your ‘actions’ to gain your notoriety. A psychologist would probably refer to some form of delusional presentation combined with an unhealthy desire to be ‘heard’ at all costs born out of a deep rooted lack of self esteem and paranoia. Furthermore if we suscribed to your views countless more lives would be lost than is currently and sadly the case now. I am sure you are good people but I am afraid your terrorism of piety is not just nauseating; it is dangerous. NOT IN MY NAME!

  5. Kia ora from the Catholic Worker here in New Zealand on 7th day of December 1010. Neally 20 years ago Anne gave a moving account of her role os a peacemaker during the 1991 bombardment against Iraq at our ANZUS trial.
    Here you are Anne, still breathing life into the prophesy of Isaiah, you are an inspiration, a rock for our movement.
    Thankyou to the whole community for your witness!
    Don’t let the principalities get you down… Kia kaha
    Love, Moana Cole

  6. Thank you all for taking these very positive actions in highlighting to every one the insanity of these so called leaders of men who are supposedly looking after our health safety and so called security.
    God bless you all for the court appearance.Good actions will always overcome the wrong doers in time
    Gerry Farrell

  7. Photos of London solidarity vigil (dec. 7th.)…..

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