Lynne Greenwald Still on the Street after Detention Hearing

December 9, 2009   In Federal District Court, in Tacoma Washington,  Lynne Greenwald was in front of Judge Creatura for a Detention Hearing arising from crossing the blue line and walking onto the base during an Hiroshima/Nagasaki demonstration.

The US Attorney was not requesting that Lynne be detained, but wanted a condition of her release to be that she not go back to Naval Base Bangor.  Additionally, the US Attorney, Barbara Sievers, said that Lynne did not have to sign the agreement, and that the question of compliance could be taken up at a different time.

US Attorney Sievers said that Lynne is not a flight risk, but that the security of the Naval Base believe that she is a threat.  Talking about the November 2, 2009 action, US Attorney Sievers said that Lynne penetrated security, despite roving patrols and dogs.   To further pursue this topic, Sievers put on an Navy Criminal Investigation Services  witness, Craig Stewart Spenser.

Spenser said that since Lynne had a Ban and Bar letter, she was not authorized to be on the base. But on November 2, she was found inside a secure area on the base.  It’s a secret level of security, where no one is allowed access without a need to be there.  Personnel are authorized to shoot on site, Spenser testified, to secure and defend the “assets” that are there. Nuclear weapons were never mentioned or acknowledged  by US Attorney Sievers of Craig Spenser.

Lynne stated that she has learned to stand up for what is right, and that she has taken a vow of nonviolence, and has gone onto the base to call attention to the illegal status of the nuclear weapons that are stored there.

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  1. I find it fascinating that neither the US Attorney nor the CIS representative would actually utter the words “nuclear weapons”. “Assets” is such a nice, amibiguous, sterile word. Thank you to Lynn for standing up for what is right.

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