January 6 courtdate for Disarm Now Plowshares arraignment

Security at Nuclear Bunkers Breached, but no mention of nuclear weapons in charging documents.

“On 02Nov09, at approximately 0630 hours, the following individuals were detained at gunpoint by US Marine Security Forces in the Main Limited Area (MLA), Strategic Weapons Facility Pacific (SWFPAC), aboard Naval Base Kitsap (NBK) Bangor, WA.

BICHSEL, Bill Jerome
KELLY, Steve M
GREENWALD, Linda Marie
CRANE, Susan

(Date of birth and social security numbers for each were included)

“The above subjects cut holes in three separate fences to gain access to the MLA.  The MLA is a high security restricted area.  Use of deadly force is authorized within. Found on the subjects’ person were bolt cutters, wire cutters, hammers, a yellow protest banner, and bottles of red liquid that the subjects claim to be their own blood.  On the advise of the United States Attorney’s Office, all subjects were issued misdemeanor summons and base debarment letters before being released. ”

So reads a charging document  given to Lynne Greenwald.
All five plowshares activists will be in the US Federal Court, Tacoma,  for arraignment, January 6, 2010.

People have asked if the US nuclear weapons are poorly guarded, since five of us, who are certainly not young warriors, could get into the nuclear bunker area. Our thinking is that the nuclear weapons are unsafe, and don’t bring security to any one, in any nation.

2 Responses

  1. I support the nonviolent disarmament action that took place in the
    U.S. on November 2, 2009 at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor where Trident
    nuclear weapons are stored or deployed on Trident submarines.

    Cherith Brook Catholic Worker

  2. I support this action wholeheartedly.

    I appreciate the warmth of the light you shed on a world of increasing darkness

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