Lynne Greenwald to appear in US Federal District Court

What’s more threatening to you:
a peaceful Mom who wants disarmament
or the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the US?

Wednesday December 9, 2009
12 noon Ecumenical Service and Vigil
1:30 pm Detention Hearing
1717 Pacific Ave, Tacoma, Washington
Courtroom D,  Judge Richard Creatura

       Lynne Greenwald faces detention in jail as a threat to the
U.S.Trident Naval Base Bangor and its nuclear weapons stockpile.
She has been ordered by the judge to undergo this special detention
hearing to decide whether she should be locked up as a security
risk before her March 3 trial.
       This trial involves her nonviolent action of crossing onto
federal property as an act of lawful resistance to nuclear weapons.
These nuclear weapons violate international law as indiscriminate
killers of civilian populations and destroyers of our environment
and all life on earth. International law also declares unlawful any
threat to use nuclear weapons such as the US strategic position to
use nuclear weapons if it judges itself to be endangered.
       Is this mellow mother of three really a threat to national
security?  Lynne has served our community for 26 years as a social
worker and health care provider for the elderly and low income
       Or, are the nuclear weapons themselves the threat?
       As the US continues to enhance its nuclear weapons and fine
tune its delivery systems, the proliferation grows. Fear prevails as
nations arm themselves against one another. The possibility of
nuclear exchange grows, and the US is at the forefront of this
race, continually designing and building another generation of
nuclear weapons. What could be spent providing heath care, food,
housing, education, employment for the families Lynne cares for as
well as all the families in the US and 1/6th of our global
population is spent on maintaining the culture of death as
manifested by nuclear weapons.
       Let Lynne walk free and begin the trial of nuclear weapons.

One Response

  1. Let Lynne go and spend some money on poverty reduction and stopping climate change! Bless you who are doing disarmament work.

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